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The True Meaning of Christmas

By B John Burns
December 24, 2009

Several of you have mentioned to me that they haven’t seen much activity on my blog in the last few months.  This is true.  My attention has been on other things.

First, of course, I am working feverishly to finish the revisions for 4A Iowa Practice: Criminal Procedure.  They’re due next Friday, and I’ve just a few touches to put on them before they’re ready.  Based on past experience, the 2010 edition should be out in April (tax refund time).

Secondly, there’s “High Adventure on the Road”.  Every year since the early 80s, I’ve ended the year making a recording of 15 to 20 of what I consider to be the best songs I’ve written during the year.  This way, I’ll have them to go back to, to learn the ones I want to use in my show and to be able to shop the ones I think I might be able to sell to other artists.

In the past, I’ve given out a couple dozen of them to my closest friends, to get their input.  Which ones should I be playing?  Which ones should I bury forever?  The quality of the CDs was less than that of a studio recording.  If some audience member would come up to me at a gig wanting to buy a CD, I’d just give them one.

This year is different.  This year, I took part of the royalties from 4A Iowa Practice: Criminal Procedure and invested in a 24-track state-of-the-art Tascam digital portable recording studio, to replace the 16-track Roland I’ve been using for the past 10 years.

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